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Crisis prevention in Consititution?

We're creating our own state in my government class, and we're supposed to create some things that will prevent some crisises.(For example, we wrote if unemployment rate increases above 15% then new deals will be made by senate, then so forth to prevent further increasement in rate). I was wondering what our nation does to prevent some crisises(natural disasters, depression, etc)?

Crisis prevention in Consititution?
how about a vote of no-confidence in incompetent leadership?
Reply:What kind of lugnut is teaching this class, if "it" doesn't understand, or, doesn't want you to know what has already been done to prevent a disaster like the depression?

Natural disasters can happen anytime, anywhere, and there is almost nothing a government can do to "prevent" that. The only thing it can do is deal with the aftermath.

Maybe you should try questioning some authority.
Reply:15% unemployment? Would depend on whether that state were mostly made up of corporations or small buisness, also what caused the unemployment would be useful. If the state consisted of mostly small buisnesses, then it would most likely be economically independent while a state consisting of corporations would be economically dependent.

What is the ultimate goal of the state?

Hospital Prevention HELP!!!?

So my little girls Dr. said she has croup I am trying to prevent her being hospitalized so I bought a humidifier but it doesnt mist is that ok? it blows cool air and the water in tank noticibally disappears but no mist is mist the key should I get another one??

Hospital Prevention HELP!!!?
Hi, you really don't need to see the mist, if the water seems to be lowering in the humidifier. You are keeping the door closed to the room that you are in, aren't you?

If you don't think that her lungs aren't getting enough moisture, go into the bathroom, close the door and run the shower hot. That always works great for me when I am having asthma trouble.

Hope she feels better soon!!!
Reply:Worst advice given to my mom when I had a bad cough was a humidifier...but I was allergic to mold and a humidifier can be a breeding ground for it.

But, if you're needing mist in a hurry to see...don't forget the sage ways of our elders...

Put a pan full of water on the stove, bring it to a boil, and then lower it to a simmer and let the water burn will "mist" per se...just don't forget to check the pan to prevent burn up.
Reply:Go into the bathroom and turn the shower on with the water being as hot as it can. Just sit in the bathroom for a while. The steam from the hot water will help out.

Blister prevention, my arches?

I am training for my first half marathon and seem to be taking the skin off my foot on the inside of my arches. I have wide flat feet, wouldn't you know it! I changed my shoe, got some ascis ones and was advised to get a bigger shoe (wider) that suposedly suited my low arches. Sounded good, but as I ramp up the miles I still am taking the skin off my arches.

Should I shell out on a pair of fancy running socks as well!! or strap up my foot.

I thought this would be painfull, but wasn't prepared for taking the skin off my arches after just 6 miles!!!

Blister prevention, my arches?
A couple of things you can try without spending lots of money.

1. turn your socks inside out

2. use a little vaseline on your foot before running

3. buy cheap gel insoles

Sometimes you can't stop blisters but usually it is caused by ill fitting shoes or mechanical problems running.

If you have a flat foot you should look with a shoe with a straight shape (look on the sole(bottom)) of the shoe and one with a board last( a really stiff shoe, try to bend it in half and it should be stiff).

hope this helps.
Reply:You will have to build up (thicken) the skin on your feet for any shoe to be comfortable. Some runners have this curse and some do not.

I, unfortunately am of the cursed variety. I initially had a problem, and found a wonderful product called molefoam. You can get it at the pharmacy or any store that has a special section for insoles and things like that. It's flesh-colored and layered foam with adhesive on the back. You can cut it to fit in whatever area you are having problem with (you will see what I am talking about when you look at it). It's a godsend, and really helps. I strapped my foot and used it until I built up even more skin to travel on.

I hope this helps, and good luck with the marathon!
Reply:blisters are caused by your skin rubbing against the sock or shoe. its usually because your shoes are too loose.

I would go to a store that specializes in running shoes, and let them look at your feet and stride. bring in your old shoes, too. they can look at the wear on them to analyze your stride.

and dont wear cotton socks! when they get wet from sweat, they rub and cause blisters.
Reply:Blisters on the arches are by no means normal. You shoudn't have to "toughen up" the arches like you have to with toes. Definitely shell out for running socks. Especially when you are running as far as you are, you need a nylon or similar sock. Wright socks are great because they have two layers: one sticks to your foot while the other moves with the shoe, most socks only have the one layer that moves with the shoe causing friction and blisters. BUT, your shoes aren't right for you. Anytime you have blisters on your arches, you need a better fitting shoe. What you said about getting a wider shoe sounds good, but what you have may have too high of an arch support or the shoe is too big and the arch support hits in the wrong place. Either way your shoe isn't right. If you got your new pair at a running store you should be able to take it back and get something else. If you didn't get them at a running store then you definitely need to go to one. You don't realize how much you don't know until you visit a running store.

Good luck with the blisters and with the marathon!
Reply:It is possible that it is your shoes...but you also could have a skin condition. I literally can't build up calluses on my feet or hands because of a genetic thing-so no matter what I do, I get blisters. (Also, my dermatologist told me to never become a park ranger because of it...darn it, she crushed my dreams! :) I'm joking about the dream part) However, it's more likely that it's your shoes. I'd go talk to someone at a running store-be sure and bring your shoes, and wear socks you normally run in. They can help determine if it really is your shoes doing this. However, if it's not your shoes, I'd go see a dermatologist about them, and see if s/he can give you anything to help. Good luck with your half marathon!
Reply:Your shoes are to loose!! Go to a running shoe store that specializes in running only!! They have a special machines that you walk on and checks your feet. Also get some special socks that may help blisters!! It is worth the money!!

Drug prevention in toilets?

is there any special lighting you can have to prevent people taking cocain in public loos

ive heard there is a special blue lighting that stops you being able to see the cocain

is this true and whats the lighting called?

Drug prevention in toilets?
There is no lighting that stops you seeing cocaine, apart from the lights being turned off! :-)

What you are thinking of is blue lightbulbs placed in toilets. This stops you being able to see your veins, and so it makes it very hard to inject drugs into yourself.

Have a look at the story below, which shows the lengths a pub owner goes to to stop people using cocaine, ie removing the toilet lids, and spraying WD40 on the top of the cisterns. The cocaine is absorbed by the WD40 turning it into a sticky congealed mess which then can't be snorted.
Reply:I have heard of this lighting.

But jsut because you cant see it, people will still be able to sniff it up!!!!!

If someone wants to do it, they'll find a way round anything, and theres not a thing you can do about it.
Reply:the way to do it is to have no flat surfaces, if you can't do that, then make the flat surfaces rough instead of smooth. another good way is to spray wd40 on the toilet cistern so their coke will just stick to it and be no good.
Reply:there are special blue lamps for that, but as far as I know it's so you can't see your veins, so it would be more for heroin addicts or other people that use drug intravenously. No idea what they are called. Google toilet and blue light.
Reply:Havent heard this but some of our local pubs have artexed the back shelf/cistern and removed the flat cover lid so there is nowhere for punters to "rack" up a line.

You can also smear vaseline on these surfaces!
Reply:there is a light that stops you injecting as the lights make it difficult to see the veins. they have it in our local sainsbury
Reply:There are special blue lights, which mean that you can't see your veins, stopping people from injecting. I think that's probably what you mean.
Reply:Sainsburys Supermarket in York has blue fluorescent ( UV) lighting in the male toilets (" restrooms" US).

This is supposed to make it difficult for intravenous drug users to find a vein as it masks the dark red colour. Perhaps users could tell us whether this works as this doesn't prevent vein marking prior to entering the toilet .


"essay" prevention of vehicular pollution is better than cure?

"essay" prevention of vehicular pollution is better than cure?
here's an interesting article that might help

Rabies prevention for dogs, how soon does it take effect?

ask your vet for the answer to the question.

Rabies prevention for dogs, how soon does it take effect?
Couple of weeks!! @8=)

Injury prevention and first aid?

when faced with an emergency situation, the first rule to remember is to..

(?)A. stay calm and keep everyong around you calm..

C. keep the rest of the class exercising.

D. look up an emergency phone number

fitness instructors can advoid burnout by..

A. teaching three to four classes a day.

B. allways doing a full workout each time they teach.

C.advoiding the temptation to lie flat on their baacks for any great lengeth of time.

(?)D. using the services of a chiropractor and/or massage therapist.

which of the following statements describes "long term" aerobics students?

A. they arent prone to minor injuries .

B. Long-term students need not worry about preventative safety techniques.

(?)C. They risk injury even though they may be in good shape.

D. Long-term students reduce their occurrences of microtrauma over time

Injury prevention and first aid?
I agree with all your answers marked with a "(?)", except for the last one... 20.

As for 20. (the last one), I'm not exactly sure which answer is correct.

Hope this helps!!! =)